Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Morning all you lovely people. I didn't realise this blogging business would be so exciting. I find myself keep checking my blog pages to see if anyone has visited and left me a message lol! I would like to thank John next Door and Mrs Duck for putting my link on their pages so I have had a few more visitors. I have yet to work out how to add    links and things but think I'll get there as only been doing this for a couple of weeks.
Today's card was made using a CD but for the life of me can't remember which one as I have loads. I find myself collecting everything to do with crafting and putting it to one side for future use I have sooo much stuff it drives my husband mad. He's a tidy freak and I, I'm afraid am not! I must admit it is getting a little out of hand as I now cannot get into my "craft room" to use it and have spilled out big time into the dining room. I keep promising him I will get cleared up but at the moment my eldest son has moved back in with us as he is unwell and he takes up a lot of my time. He has been with us since September but is getting better and has started to go back to his flat for weekends to see how he copes on his own and so far so good! Anyhow, sorry got carried away there, once I have the second bedroom back I will be able to sort out the craft room and get the rest of my 'stuff ' back in there and get the dining room table back ( or so he thinks lol).
This card was made a while ago that's why I can't remember. I now realise I will have to make a note of what was used as well as remembering to photograph what I make.
Well that's all for now thanks for stopping by and see you again soon hopefully.

Sue (aka Snowqueen62)

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  1. What a great card Sue, sorry I meant to have a look to see what you had posted but time just seems to have run away with its self. Sorry your sons not to good, but being home will be a good medicine. Hazel x